Mimi & Maina is a mother/daughter blogging team who–after many years of perfecting a slew of recipes and adding new ones all the time–is hoping to share them with the Veggie Community.

After raising 7 children Mimi retired to the mountains, and cooks up a storm in her spare time–which is often. Maina, on the other hand, is a self proclaimed work-a-holic who still finds time to whip up the freshest vegetarian cuisine when she’s not globetrotting for the “job”.

As a ‘mostly vegetarian’, Mimi has decades of cooking experience under her belt, and was actually the inspiration for this blog before we even set our fingers to the keyboard. Maina had her eye on sharing her mother’s cooking with the world for quite a few years now. Even stating–pretty frequently–that very few even came close to her mother’s cooking prowess.

As a vegetarian lacto-ovo for the past 18 years Maina has had her struggles trying to eat her way thru not-so-vegetarian friendly business meetings, so she finds solace in her kitchen, where she can pour her love of food into Veggie-Asian style cuisine.

We hope you enjoy our Clean Eating recipes and stay tuned for more DIY in the Kitchen, as well!


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